4/14/2019God the CrossMr. Kavan RognessLuke 23:1-49God Moves…to the Cross
4/7/2019God Moves Empty OurselvesRev. Derek MartinJohn 12:1-8God Moves Us…to Empty Ourselves
3/31/2019God Moves...Down the RoadRev. Derek MartinLuke 15:1-3, 11b-32God Moves…Down the Road
3/24/2019God Moves...Over the FenceRev. Derek MartinLuke 13:1-9God Moves…Over the Fence
3/17/2019God Moves...Past All ObstaclesRev. Derek MartinLuke 13:31-35God Moves…Past All Obstacles
3/10/2019God Moves...Into the DesertMr. Kavan RognessLuke 4:1-13God Moves…Into the Desert
3/6/2019Deciding What to Give UpRev. Derek MartinMatthew 6:1-6, 16-21Deciding What to Give Up
3/3/2019Mountain ClimbingRev. Derek MartinLuke 9:28-43aMountain Climbing
2/24/2019Harder and EasierMr. Kavan RognessLuke 6:27-38Harder and Easier
2/17/2019Blessings and WoesRev. Derek MartinLuke 6:17-26Blessings and Woes
2/10/2019Do You Fish Well?Rev. Derek Martin as read by Ms. Helen StormsLuke 5:1-11Do You Fish Well?
2/3/2019Nazareth's Own PreacherRev. Derek MartinLuke 4:21-30Nazareth's Own Preacher
1/27/2019Fulfilling PromisesRev. Derek MartinLuke 4:14-21Fulfilling Promises
1/20/2019The 'First Miracle'?Rev. Derek MartinJohn 2:1-11The 'First Miracle'?
1/13/2019WonderMr. Kavan RognessLuke 3:15-17, 21-22Wonder
1/6/2019What Shall We Fear?Rev. Derek MartinMatthew 2:1-12no audio
12/30/2018"Lost" for Three DaysRev. Derek MartinLuke 2:41-52no audio
12/24/2018The Beacon Has ArrivedRev. Derek MartinLuke 2:1-14no audio
12/23/2018Rejoice! Time for a SongRev. Derek MartinLuke 1:39-45Rejoice! Time for a Song
12/16/2018Children's Christmas Programvarious scripture readings and songsLuke 2:1-20; Matthew 2:1-2, 9-12no audio
12/9/2018UntitledMs. Maggie Andersen PetersonLuke 3:1-6Untitled
12/2/2018The End of the BeginningMs. Nancy GiddingsLuke 21:25-36The End of the Beginning
11/25/2018Be ThankfulMrs. Debbie Largen, read by Mr. Daniel LargenPsalm 69:30-33Be Thankful
11/18/2018The End is Near...Ms. Nancy GiddingsMark 13:1-8The End is Near...
11/11/2018Jesus' Giving AdviceRev. Derek MartinMark 12:38-44Jesus' Giving Advice
11/4/2018MetamorphosisRev. Derek MartinColossians 3:1-10Metamorphosis
10/28/2018I'm Tired!Mrs. Debbie Largen2 Corinthians 5:11-21I'm Tired!
10/21/2018A Servant to AllRev. Derek MartinMark 10:35-45A Servant to All
10/14/2018How Do You Measure Up?Rev. Derek MartinMark 10:17-31How Do You Measure Up?
10/7/2018How Do You Define Marriage?Rev. Derek MartinMark 10:2-16How Do You Define Marriage?
9/30/2018Sometimes We StumbleRev. Derek MartinMark 9:38-50Sometimes We Stumble
9/23/2018Servants of AllRev. Derek MartinMark 9:30-37Servants of All
9/16/2018Can We Tame Our TonguesRev. Derek MartinJames 3:1-12Can We Tame Our Tongues
9/9/20185 Reasons Why Every Teen Should Read the BibleMr. David S. Winston/Go Hard for ChristJoshua 1:8
9/2/2018Having Faith Amidst StormsRev. Derek MartinActs 27:13-26Having Faith Amidst Storms
8/26/2018Everlasting ArmorRev. Derek MartinEphesians 6:10-20Everlasting Armor
8/19/2018Eucharist BeginningsRev. Derek MartinJohn 6:51-58Eucharist Beginnings
8/12/2018Jesus, Bread from HeavenRev. Derek MartinJohn 6:35, 41-51Jesus, Bread from Heaven
8/5/2018Seeking BreadRev. Derek MartinJohn 6:24-35Seeking Bread
7/29/2018Outdoor church service - No recordingMr Ken Franzenvarious
7/22/2018Tearing Down WallsRev. Derek MartinEphesians 2:11-22Tearing Down Walls
7/15/2018God's BlessingsRev. Derek MartinEphesians 1:3-14 God's Blessings
7/8/2018Strength Amidst Our WeaknessesRev. Derek Martin2 Corinthians 12:2-10Strength Amidst Our Weaknesses
7/1/2018Don't Worry, Be Happy?Mrs. Vicky Limesandincluded in video by Troy BlackDon't Worry, Be Happy?
7/1/2018Don't Worry, Be Happy?Mrs. Vicky Limesand/Mr. Troy BlackThis link has the Troy Black video.Don't Worry, Be Happy?
6/24/2018A Giant TaleRev. Derek Martin1 Samuel 17: (1a, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49A Giant Tale
6/17/2018Locating a KingRev. Derek Martin1 Samuel 15:34 - 16:13Locating a King
6/10/2018Be Kind to OthersMs. Deb Largen2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1Be Kind to Others
6/3/2018Are You Listening?Rev. Derek Martin1 Samuel 3:1-20Are You Listening?
5/27/2018We RememberRev. Derek Martin as read by Helen StormsJohn 3:1-17We Remember
5/20/2018Tongues of FireRev. Derek MartinActs 2:1-21Tongues of Fire
5/13/2018The Power of PrayerRev. Derek MartinJohn 17:6-19The Power of Prayer
5/6/2018No Greater LoveRev. Derek MartinJohn 15:9-17No Greater Love
4/29/2018Being Fruitful - A Message from Three VoicesRev. Derek Martin and ConfirmandsJohn 15:1-8Being Fruitful - A Message from Three Voices
4/22/2018A Ghost StoryRev. Derek MartinLuke 24:36-48A Ghost Story
4/15/2018No service due to weather
4/8/2018Have You Ever Doubted?Rev. Derek MartinJohn 20:19-31Have You Ever Doubted?
4/1/2018He Returns!Rev. Derek MartinJohn 20:1-18He Returns!
3/30/2018Scripture LeadershipRev. Derek MartinJohn 18:1-19:42Scripture Leadership
3/25/2018'Revolution' BeginningsRev. Derek MartinMark 11:1-11'Revolution' Beginnings
3/18/2018Eternal VowsRev. Derek MartinJeremiah 31:31-34Eternal Vows
3/11/2018God's Covenant is UnbreakableRev. Derek MartinEphesians 2:1-10God's Covenant is Unbreakable