6/11/2017I am With You AlwaysMr. Keith ThurstonMatthew 28:16-20I am With You Always
6/4/2017Being Led By the SpiritRev. Derek MartinActs 2:1-21Being Led By the Spirit
5/28/2017Obedience BlessingsRev. Derek MartinLuke 5:1-11Obedience Blessings
5/21/2017You Are Not AloneJohn 14:15-21
5/14/2017A Nurturing MotherRev. Susan Lester1 Peter 2:2-10A Nurturing Mother
5/7/2017No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedRev. Susan LesterActs 2:42-47; 1 Peter 2:19-25No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
4/30/2017Our WorthRev. Susan LesterPsalm 116:1-4, 12-19Our Worth
4/23/2017I'm CertainRev. Susan LesterJohn 20:19-31I'm Certain
4/16/2017Message for AllRev. Susan LesterMatthew 28:1-10Message for All
4/9/2017The Humble EntryRev. Susan LesterMatthew 21:1-11The Humble Entry
4/2/2017UnboundRev. Susan LesterJohn 11:17-44Unbound
3/26/2017Whose Fault Is It?Rev. Susan LesterJohn 9 (excerpts)Whose Fault Is It?
3/19/2017In Broad DaylightRev. Susan LesterJohn 4:5-42In Broad Daylight
3/12/2017Sneaking Around Part 2Rev. Susan LesterJohn 3:1-17Sneaking Around Part 2
3/12/2017Sneaking Around Part 1Rev. Susan LesterJohn 3:1-17Sneaking Around Part 1
3/5/2017Rocks and Bread and AngelsRev. Susan LesterMatthew 4:1-11Rocks and Bread and Angels
2/26/2017Holy is Thy NameRev. Derek MartinPsalm 99Holy is Thy Name
2/19/2017LeftoversRev. Susan LesterLeviticus 19:1-2, 9-18; Matthew 5:38-48Leftovers
2/12/2017There is Always a ChoiceRev. Susan LesterDeuteronomy 30:15-20There is Always a Choice
2/5/2017Salt of the EarthRev. Susan LesterMatthew 5:13-20Salt of the Earth
1/29/2017ImpossibleRev. Susan LesterMicah 6:1-8Impossible
1/22/2017What Are We Hungry For?Rev. Susan LesterMatthew 4:12-23What Are We Hungry For?
1/15/2017The Truth That Changes LivesRev. Susan LesterJohn 1:29-42The Truth That Changes Lives
1/8/2017Renewl Service 2017Mrs. Vicky LimesandPsalm 118:8-9; Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 55:9Renewal Service 2017
1/8/2017Good News Bad NewsRev. Susan LesterMatthew 2:1-12Good News Bad News
12/11/2016Joy and JusticeRev, Susan LesterLuke 1:46b-55Joy and Justice
12/04/2016Making Things Right AgainRev. Susan LesterMatthew 3:1-12Making Things Right Again