Individual church histories



Valley Community Church

began on Sunday, September 6, 1966. The first worship and the worship for the next 4 years were held at Westview Elementary School.  The church began with a threefold approach: engagement, reflection and celebration. A church building was designed and finally opened in April 1970 and an addition completed in 1972.

Promise Congregational Church

began in 1992, meeting at a strip mall on Galaxie Avenue as a start-up Congregational church south of the river.  Promise moved to Cedar Park Elementary School in September of 1993 where they met until the merger.

Both churches continued on their own paths, and in 1999 they entertained the idea of a joint venture. They both realized they had strengths to offer each other. A Vision Committee was formed to explore the possibility.


Our New Story Begins

On June 11, 2000, the two congregations met for our first joint worship experience.  A Constitution/Bylaws committee was formed in August 2000 and in February of 2001, we voted on the name SouthCross Community Church. Many wonderful things began happening. The congregations worked, served and played together. we began special prayer times together and held our very first prayer vigil on April 6, 2001. The church continues to hold open prayer time on Wednesday evenings, which are open to the public, and prayer vigils twice a year. We believe God wants to be a part of the small things as well as the big things in our lives, and he wants to hear from us through prayer.  On September 16, 2001, the congregations voted to accept the new By-laws, the merger document, and the new council for SouthCross Community Church. With Faith and God’s direction we look forward to having a thriving and growing community in Christ. We continue to be affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA and the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, but our focus is on being a community church, open to all, welcoming to all, accepting of all.