*** Unfortunately, The Meditation Path is currently closed for maintenance. ***

*** Please check with the church office if you have any questions. ***

It is our belief that, as people of faith, we are constantly to seek the presence of God – to be renewed by God’s presence so that we may continue in our journeys of faith.,Meditation, in its simplest form,is any way that we seek to accomplish that goal.,

At SouthCross we have been given the blessed gift of the wooded areas on our church property for the purposes of enjoying this amazing creation and to provide opportunities for our members and guests to seek the presence of the Holy. We pray that you will experience that presence in your time of meditation.

meditation path image1

Our grateful thanks are extended to the members and friends of SouthCross Community Church who have given of their time and treasure to make this path a reality.,Particular thanks are offered to Jean Dando, in whose memory the Stations of the Cross have been dedicated., The Path is dedicated to the memory of the Rev. Fred Largen, whose vision and faith first brought a congregation to this place.

If you would like to schedule a time for yourself or a group to experience the Stations of the Cross, please contact the church office., Those wishing to enjoy the path without the Stations may do so at any time